GCP Christmas Party 2018

The GCP team enjoyed a family day at Lake Charlegraak to celebrate Christmas and the end of another successful year. The day was full of kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, somersaults off the jetty for one particularly enthusiastic lad, swimming, ball games, food, food and more food, presents, and wonderful company.

ACL reconstruction- a personal experience

4 months post operation!!! I have been at the gym now for the past 2 months and slowly getting stronger. I am also doing some agility work on the grass. A month or so ago I tried running on the footpaths around Keith but my knee felt so weak and it hurt! So I have been running on grass as it is a spongier surface and a lot nicer for my knee. I have also started to run laps of the Keith school oval (I can run about 2km- although I am very unfit). My knee is still weaker and still occasionally gets sore with running and squats and lunges. Most of my pain is at the front of my knee where my scar is (patella tendon) and also sometimes in my hamstring. This isn't unusual after an operation though

Technology & Exercise

Recently Physiotherapist’s Amy and Steph have started using Physitrack, an online program used to create individualised exercise programs. Physitrack gives the physiotherapist over over 3,700 different exercises to choose from, along with videos and explanations. Physitrack also has education handouts and outcome measures for specific conditions to compliment your exercise program. When your physiotherapist set up your program, you will be sent an email with a link to your program, which you can access via your computer or smart phone. The app is free to download and easy to use. You will no longer have to look at a piece of paper which is easily lost. Messy handwriting and stick figures ar

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