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In these changing and challenging conditions we find ourselves in, we are determined to keep providing the best possible service to our patients in the safest way for everyone.  


Online Consultations are a great option for many patients to leverage the expertise and advice from your physiotherapist while keeping safe in your home.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has released some great information on Telehealth or Online Consultations which you can read here:

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We will be using on online video service called Zoom.  Your physiotherapist will email you a meeting invite which you will use at the time of your appointment.  There are some things you can do before your appointment to prepare.

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1.    Please ensure all doctor/specialist/consultant letters or referrals are provided to our clinic for the physiotherapist to review.  You can scan or take a photo of them and email them to

2.    Once this information is received, you will receive a phone call from one of our experienced physiotherapists to have an initial discussion about your concerns and to discuss the best way we can treat you.  If it is decided that Telehealth appointments are appropriate, the physiotherapist will book the appointment time with you and email you a link to the appointment video session.


3.    If you are going to use your smartphone or tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab etc), please go to the App Store or Play Store and download the Zoom app.


4.    If you are going to use a laptop or computer, you will only need to click on the link in the appointment email and it will automatically run the video in your default web browser.  This does not need to be done until just before the time of your appointment.  Ensure your laptop or computer has web cam capabilities.

5.    Find a quiet place with good internet access and have your device set up a metre or so away from your face.




1.    Five minutes prior to the time of your appointment, you will  need to click on the link in the email invitation to start the video call.


2.    If you do this on your smartphone or tablet, it will open the Zoom app you previously downloaded.


3.    If you do this on your laptop or your computer, it will open your default web browser. 


4.    The consultation will continue as directed by your physiotherapist.

Online Consultations //

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