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Pelvic Health & Continence Care //

A continence and pelvic health physiotherapist has extra training in the assessment and rehabilitation of bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction. You may know them as ‘pelvic floor physios’ or ‘women’s health physios’, but our pelvic health physios work with all adults and children who are experiencing a range of difficulties with their pelvic health.  

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Naomi Gill is our clinical lead and has over 15 years experience working in this field. She completed her Masters in continence care in 2015 and is now offering a pessary fitting service for women on the limestone coast. She is currently working in Naracoorte and Bordertown.  

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For more information on this wonderful service, available throughout the Limestone Coast, you can visit our new website

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Call us to book an appointment on 8767 4600


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Chelsey Rothall, has been working closely with mentor Naomi to develop her skills and to expand GCP’s continence and pelvic health service. She is currently completing her masters in continence and pelvic health and is consulting in Naracoorte, Kingston SE and Millicent.  

Our pelvic health physios can help if you are experiencing: 

  • Concerns about your bladder or bowel control, such as leakage or urgency or constipation 

  • Symptoms of a prolapse, for example bulging, heaviness or dragging inside the vagina. 

  • Confusion about how to do your pelvic floor exercises 

  • pain with intercourse, or pain in the pelvic area 

  • Pregnancy related aches and pain 

  • Concerns with your post-natal recovery 

  • Bladder leakage following prostate surgery 

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