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Why Work With Us in the Limestone Coast? //


We're a great team to work with!

We love helping each other out; we love socialising together and getting involved in community things like the Relay For Life, The Push-Up Challenge, Dry July, Border2Beach cycling fundraising ride, entering homemade goods and crafts in local country shows, hosting Heart Foundation walking groups and speaking to local service organisations about health and wellness.  We love our Thursday bake days; we love riddles and we love a good dad joke!

Our mission, vision and values reflect this and we make it a priority to ensure that we live like this every day.

The access to experience in our team is second to none


We have 4 masters qualified Physiotherapists on staff, with 2 more currently undertaking their Masters' studies.  We provide exceptional support to our physio team, with access to in-house training, as well as access to RDWA funding of up to $10,000 per year (which can be used on courses, and flights and accommodation to attend them), AND we have our own CPD budget for our physio staff as well. 


We value lifelong learning and openly support and encourage this. 

We don't want you working on the weekend!


Weekends are for sport, or ticking things off the Limestone Coast Challenge (ask us what this is!!), or recharging in nature, or relaxing by the fire in winter or on the beach/by the lake in summer.

The Limestone Coast is home to a really diverse natural environment which is just waiting to be explored.  From spectacular beaches and 4wd'ing on sand dunes, to Bool Lagoon, the Naracoorte Caves, Blue Lake and being surrounded by huge River Red Gums - there is something to interest everyone.  There are walks, rides and runs to get involved in.  It's not far across to the Grampians for some spectacular camping and hiking trails.

No traffic lights or sitting in unmoving traffic!

I don't know about you, but when I lived in the city, the worst thing was the commute to work.  Sitting in traffic is one of life's biggest wastes of time!! We can't guarantee that you'll have no traffic at all, but it is likely that your drive to work will be 5 minutes most days - and if you happen to head to a different clinic for the day, you'll be paid for it!  At worst, you might be held up on your drive by some of our four-legged friends!

What next?

We can offer a wide variety of clinical presentations, locations to base yourself, experienced colleagues, professional development opportunities and more.

If you're interested in dipping your toes in the waters of rural physiotherapy, contact our Director, Angela Willsmore, on 0438 228 049 or

Send Angela your CV or give her a call for a confidential discussion about what we can offer each other.  You will require full AHPRA

registration to work at Good Country Physiotherapy.

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