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What to expect at a cancer rehab appointment

The cancer rehab physiotherapists at Good Country Physiotherapy can help patients of all ages and genders with all cancer diagnoses.

We take a detailed history which includes all of your symptoms and details of any treatment you have received to date, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. We review your imaging and medical information as appropriate and liaise with other providers to ensure we get a comprehensive overview of your cancer journey to date.

We work with you to establish your goals and come up with a treatment plan to help you achieve them. This might be things like:

Walk 2km with the dog every day without pain or hang the washing out on the line twice a week. Everyone has different goals and we adapt our treatment options to help suit each individual.

To help us measure your progress, we take outcome measures. These might be in the form of paper surveys to get a clear picture of your pain levels or functional difficulties. We also take objective measures such as strength and balance tests. We repeat these measures at set time points based on your goals, so that we can track your progress over time.

We love to support our cancer patients to exercise safely at all stages of the cancer journey, as it is a vital component of the rehab and recovery. We help find suitable exercise(s) for each patient, with the key aim to find something that you enjoy doing regularly. This helps you to stay motivated to do it more often, which in turn helps your recovery.

We monitor your symptoms such as fatigue, pain and nerve function.

The number of appointments you need with us will be entirely based on your goals and the treatment plan we develop together. Some patients see us every week for 1:1 appointments. Others see us every 6-8 weeks and attend group exercise classes. Others see us once every 2-3 months, particularly if they live further away and have to travel to see our experienced physiotherapists.

Every patient has a unique experience of cancer, and the physiotherapy services we provide are tailored to the individual patient and his/her family.

We listen, we care, and we work with you to help you live well throughout your cancer journey.

If you would like to chat to one of our cancer rehab physiotherapists to find out more, please call us on 8762 1515.


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