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Clinical Pilates vs Fitness Pilates

One of the most common questions we get asked as a Pilates instructor is, “What is the difference between Pilates with a physiotherapist and Pilates at the gym?”

For us at Good Country Physiotherapy the biggest difference is the extent of knowledge and training that our physiotherapist’s can offer, which allows them to adjust, modify and choose the accurate Pilates exercises for each individual.

While not exclusive to clinical Pilates, the individualised approach taken in clinical Pilates allows us to educate our patients on their specific problems. We believe the better informed out patients are, the better decisions they can make for their long term health.

Before participating in a Clinical Pilates session, your physiotherapist will do an initial assessment with you. This assessment will uncover the physical factors related to your problem (movement patterns, weaknesses, flexibility etc), lifestyle factors (sedentary work, manual labour etc) and psychological factors (stress, coping strategies etc) causing your injury or concern.

This assessment will allow the physiotherapist to give you an understanding of the cause of the injury/problem and the best way to maximise results and decrease the risk of re-injury.

Additionally, Clinical Pilates focuses on your activation technique to “switch on” the correct muscles. This allows you to know that you are using the muscles that should be used for each movement rather than compensating with other muscle groups.

At Good Country Physiotherapy we offer a class targeted for each individual. Whether you are a beginner focusing on rehabilitation of your injury, a sports person trying to decrease the risk of injury or recovering from pregnancy.

If you would like to find out more about what our physiotherapists can offer through an individualised Pilates program, call the clinic on 8752 2330.

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