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Why see a cancer rehab physiotherapist?

A cancer rehab physiotherapist can help cancer patients at any stage of the cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery to palliative care. Every cancer patient has a unique journey, including individualised symptoms, clinical signs, contributing factors and functional challenges. Every diagnosis can be a little bit different.

Some of the most common symptoms experienced by cancer patients include pain, fatigue, weakness, pins and needles especially in the hands and feet, difficulty sleeping, difficulty finding comfortable positions and challenges with daily activities like showering or dressing. Our cancer rehab physiotherapists can help with managing all of these symptoms.

Our cancer rehab physiotherapists can provide you with a range of treatment options. Refer to our Limestone Coast Cancer Rehab Service website for more comprehensive information on the specific services we can provide.

One of the most evidence-based treatments for all cancers in all patient groups is exercise.

Exercise has been shown to increase life expectancy, reduce symptoms and most importantly improve quality of life for cancer patients at any stage of the cancer journey.

Speak to one of the cancer rehab physiotherapists at Good Country Physiotherapy on 87621515 to find out more about how we can help you to live well with cancer, or visit our new website:


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