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What does 'Rehabilitation' mean?

Did you know the word rehabilitate in Latin translates to ‘again’ (re-) and ‘make fit’ (-habilitate)?

As the name suggests, the focus of rehab (rehabilitation) is to restore the movement and function of a body part to its pre-injury capability. When most people think of rehab, their minds jump to sports rehab. Ankle sprains, hamstring strains, shoulder dislocations and niggly knees are the most common reasons we see athletes. Contrary to popular belief, rest and ice alone will not restore the movement and function of a body part, we require rehab to get back to our best. This may include advice on how to protect the injury and prevent it worsening, education on the stages of rehab, strengthening exercises, stretching and balance. To ensure a successful rehab we must consider what activity we are attempting to get back to, what is required of that body part in the activity and from there we can create a tailored return to sport plan.

Rehab is much more broad than just sports injuries. Think of any part of the body and there is the potential it will require rehab. Other areas of rehab include but are not limited to:

- People post surgeries whether that be joints or organs

- Women after birth

- Workplace injuries

- Paediatric conditions

- Cancer patients

- Amputees

If you would like to restore your movement and function after an injury, get in touch with your local clinic to organise how we can help you to get back or as close to, your pre-injury capability.



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