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Is Hydrotherapy for me?

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy (or aquatic therapy) is the practice of physiotherapy in warm water. Each patient completes an individualized program tailored to their needs.

The aim of hydrotherapy is to assist in the rehabilitation of neurological, musculoskeletal or cardiopulmonary function.

The benefits of hydrotherapy treatment are achieved by combining individualized exercises with the properties of immersion in warm water.

Movement is aided and resisted by the properties of buoyancy and drag in the water.

Why hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for:

• Increasing mobility and flexibility

• Decreasing swelling

• Decreasing pain in arthritic joints

• Strengthening your core

• Improving balance

• Early rehab of knee, hip and shoulder replacements

• Encouraging early weight bearing in lower limb fractures

• Improving general fitness

Currently we run hydrotherapy sessions once a week in Bordertown on a Wednesday morning. Classes can be one on one or in a group setting.

If you think hydrotherapy may be beneficial for you, please contact the Bordertown clinic on 8752 2330.

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