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Falls are the leading cause if unintentional injuries in people over 65, with 30% of people requiring medical attention following a fall.

Risk factors to falls include:

• Chronic Medical Conditions

• Taking Multiple Medications

• Impaired balance.

• Decreased Muscle strength

• Low levels of physical activity

• Sensory Impairments

• Fear of Falling

Falls can be prevented by reducing the risk factors. Regular check ups with your Doctor can help pick up changes in your health and monitor your medications.

Keeping active will help improve balance and muscle strength and decrease stiffness.

Many falls can be reduced by keeping your environment clear of trip hazards such as rugs and electrical cords.

Physiotherapy can help to improve physical activity levels, strength and balance. They can also advise on aids to keep you safe such as walking sticks and good foot wear.

If you have had a fall or have a fear of falling, ask your Physiotherapist information regarding falls prevention. Falls prevention can be run in a group setting or for individuals depending on your needs.

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