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What condition affects 2 million Australians?

This month at GCP we are talking bones and joints. And what better to talk about then Osteoarthritis, a condition that affects more than 2 million Australians.

So what is the best current management for Osteoarthritis?

Current clinical guidelines for lower limb osteoarthritis unanimously recommend exercise therapy, education and weight loss as the first line non-pharmalogical treatment.

Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark (GLA:D) is an evidence based program aimed at improving the quality of care in clinical practice. GLA:D consists of 2 education sessions and 12 sessions of supervised, individualized neuromuscular exercise therapy delivered by trained physiotherapists and evaluated in a national clinical registry. The program has been successfully run in Denmark and is currently being run in Canada, Australia and China.

Unlike other programs, GLA:D is supported by compelling evidence and clinical guidelines. In Denmark, with more than 30,000 participant data, GLA:D had shown to reduce sick leave and pain (25%); improve function, knee related quality of life, and physical activity levels, and reduce analgesia use by one third.

The bottom line is, this program can delay or prevent surgical intervention and helps patients with long term favourable outcomes in both pain and function.

We have GLA:D education sessions running throughout the year and are FREE to attend.

The next sessions will be:

Monday the 14th of October in Bordertown
Friday the 8th of November in Naracoorte

If you would like to know more about how these classes work or to book your place in the education sessions, please contact one of our clinics and talk to one of the staff.

BORDERTOWN 8752 2330

NARACOORTE 8762 1515

KEITH 87551530


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