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Would you like to see a heated pool in Naracoorte?

Swimming is a popular pastime in Naracoorte for people of all ages. Currently there is no community indoor heated pool facility in Naracoorte.

With the planned Sports Centre redevelopment, there is a fantastic opportunity for such a facility to be included in the project.

Hydrotherapy is the use of a heated pool for therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, and relaxation.

Physiotherapists commonly use hydrotherapy as part of rehabilitation after injury, such as low back pain, or surgery, particularly lower limb operations like total hip or knee replacements.

Hydrotherapy works as a form of rehabilitation and exercise because it utilises the body’s response to a hot stimulus, the pressure exerted by the water and the sensation of the water. The pool water needs to be at an optimal temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, termed ‘thermo-neutral’, as it has no effect on the body’s core temperature.

The warmth of the water relaxes the muscles and relieves joint discomfort, making movement easier. The properties of the water provide additional support for aching joints, relieving joint stress and reducing jarring, making moving without the assistance of a walking aid much easier.

The sensory feedback that the body receives from the heated water can enhance body image and spatial awareness. The hydrostatic pressure of the body being emerged in water increases your stroke volume (the amount of blood pumped out by the heart) and your cardiac output (the amount of blood that pumps around the body in one minute).

Lastly, the recreational aspect of being in the water means treatment is more fun!

Good Country Physiotherapy have two 4th year physiotherapy students, Rachel Hocking and Tanin Ahmadi, working on a community health promotion project to evaluate the level of interest in the wider Naracoorte community for the planned public heated community pool which is part of the larger Sports Centre redevelopment. They would appreciate it if you could kindly enter the link below and undertake a short two minute survey!

Copies of the survey are also available from Good Country Physiotherapy, 157 Smith St Naracoorte, and at various local cafes around town. A copy can be downloaded below.

Nara Hydro Survey
Download PDF • 154KB



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