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How do I prevent myself from getting an injury?

Injury prevention, is exactly what it sounds like: trying to prevent an injury from occurring.

The best way to prevent many injuries, is to identify the risks and hazards and then eliminate, modify, or reduce them. Unfortunately, risks and hazards are abundant in our lives. They are present at home, at work, at the shops and just about anywhere you may find yourself. They can be physical (such as water on the floor and a ditch in the footpath), chemical (cleaning products, industrial waste, sewerage), actions and/or habits (slouching, running red lights) etc.

Of course, not all hazards can be eliminated completely, but many can be managed. You may not be able to stop your opponent landing on your leg and breaking it, but maintaining fitness, strength and equipment will play a role in sports injury prevention. For aches and pains after a long day working in the office, you can ensure your desk is set up appropriately, that you’re taking small ‘movement breaks’ and keeping physically active in your downtime. We have rules regarding chemical storage and handling, as well as personal protective equipment and machine protocols, all to lower the risk of injury in workplaces.

If you are regularly injured in your chosen sport or your workplace has a high number of injuries, there may be risks and hazards present that can be reduced or eliminated. Often even simple actions can make a huge difference.

At Good Country Physiotherapy, we are trained to identify risks and hazards and provide advice and interventions to help reduce or eliminate them to prevent injury. To let us help you prevent any future injuries, contact us in Bordertown on 8752 2330, Keith 8755 1530 or Naracoorte 8762 1515.

After all, prevention is the best cure.


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