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Proprioception - what is it and why do I need it?

Proprioception is our body’s sense of position in space - it is how we know that our arm is reaching forward or that our foot is pointed. We have proprioceptive receptors in our muscles that detect tension and stretch of the muscles and tendons. These receptors give us awareness of our movements, the position of our body and how much force is needed for the specific movement.

Playing sports such as football, netball and hockey all rely on our sense of proprioception, as do activities such as walking upstairs, standing on one leg or washing your hair.

Often after an injury, such as an ankle sprain, our proprioception is affected. This can be why your balance is reduced or you may be a bit clumsier than normal or not kicking accurately. Also, if your proprioceptive input is reduced, your body will not respond as quickly to unexpected events such as getting knocked during the game.

Proprioception and balance can be improved with practice and exercises.

If you have had a recent sporting injury or would like to know more about proprioception please contact us on 8752 2330 (Bordertown), 8755 1530 (Keith) or 8762 1515 (Naracoorte).


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