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Say hello to these simple stretch ideas for your road trip

Planning your trip

Plan your trip to include stop-overs at a local café, park or beach. Soak up the sunshine, go for a walk, feel the sand beneath your feet, enjoy the picturesque views with a coffee from the local café. We can be fixated on reaching a destination in record time but staying in one position for an extended period of time isn’t great for our bodies.

Keep your feet cruising

Hope you have the cruise control feature in your car. As a driver, cruise control has the ability to automatically keep the speed to 110km/hr on the highways. It can also be a great way to stretch and keep your legs moving. By doing this you can essentially give your legs a break. Try pumping your ankles up/down/sideways, stretch your leg muscles by bringing your foot up, bend and straighten your knees – all while watching the road ahead of you though!

Motion is Lotion

Moving your back will be better than any other lotion – (except the SPF50+ variety). In your seat, the pelvis will naturally sink backwards into a “C-Curve”

Try this simple movement:

  • Move your pelvis by tipping it from an “S curve” to “C curve” And repeat 5-10 time

  • Doing this exercise regularly will considerably reduce any stiffness

  • Remember the spine is a strong part of your body joined by discs to give it strength and flexibility

  • If you have trouble with that, try placing a rolled up towel behind your back for lumbar support

Sweet dreams

You’ve spent enough time driving and finally arrived at your holiday destination. Creeek the neck goes, and the hand comes up to rub the shoulders. You might be surprised by how much tension you’re holding around your neck. Revitalise your trip with these general neck and shoulder stretches as you watch the sunset before sweet slumber.

  • Make a double chin, hold for 3 seconds and repeat 3-5x

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together

  • Bring your shoulders to your ears, hold, slowly relax

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