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Class Times - 
Class Name
Start Time
Length of Class
Mat-Based Clinical Pilates
45 mins

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehab are small group, individualised, equipment-based classes, designed to target a specific condition.

GLA:D for Osteoarthritis

Evidence-based program for management of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee without surgery


Hydrotherapy treatment combines individualised exercises with the properties of immersion in warm water.

Mat-Based Clinical Pilates

Body conditioning workout influenced by the principles of Physiotherapy

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Exercise

Strengthen your abdominal, hip and pelvic floor muscles to help your body adapt to the postural changes during and after pregnancy

Step Up

Gentle exercise and balance classes for over 65's

Strong On Your Feet

8 week program individually designed to help prevent falls in our older population

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