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UniSA Women's Health Survey

In conjunction with Good Country Physiotherapy, students from the University of South Australia, currently taking a Health Promotion subject as part of their Physiotherapy studies, are working on a Women's Health accessibility project.

They are grateful for your confidential contribution, accessible at the link below.

This survey aims to determine the barriers to accessing Women's Health physiotherapy in the Limestone Coast region. You may withdraw from the survey at any time without affecting your position, treatment or care. There are no expected direct benefits or risks to you personally in participating in the survey. Should you suffer an adverse event as a result of participating in the survey our supervisor will be available to address your concerns. The notes that we take as part of the activity will be retained for five years by our supervisor in their office in an electronic file. The information will not contain any details that identify you. By participating in this survey you are consenting to the results being used by the University of South Australia and Good Country Physiotherapy. If you have any ethical concerns about the activity or have questions about the rights of participants please contact the Executive Officer of the ethics committee Tel: +61 8 8302 311 Email:

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