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Are there barriers to exercising in the Tatiara?

We are UniSA students working with Good Country Physiotherapy on a project that involves understanding more about exercise habits in the Tatiara District. Originally, we were going to be spending time in Bordertown and Keith to learn more about the community's facilities and how people can access different forms of exercise. However, due to recent developments of COVID-19, we're hoping to gather some great information through surveys and other resources.

What we're hoping to achieve through this project are:

  1. to understand the barriers and enablers to exercise in the Tatiara District

  2. to determine if any other resources are needed/desired in the community

  3. present our recommendations to the council that will hopefully guide future infrastructure

In addition, we want to encourage exercise, because we know how important it is (especially since a lot of us are stuck at home)! So you will be seeing some regular posts on the GCP facebook page with some great resources relating to exercise (yes even at home!). Make sure you're on the look out and we look forward to hearing your valued opinion.

We would really appreciate you completing the survey below.

From Nathan Lynch, Alex Mullen, Shinae Dunlop, Julie Forbes, Tom O’Malley

4th Year Physiotherapy Students

University of South Australia



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