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Tips and tricks to stay fit for life

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Do you want to increase your physical activity, but don’t know how to get started?

Read on for our top tips to get you moving!

  1. Start small – you are never too old, too young, or too unfit to get started. Begin with blocking out just 10 minutes of your day, even just for a short stroll. You can then build up gradually, knowing that every step counts!

  2. Build healthy habits into your day – think about ways you can accidently increase your activity. For example, parking your car a little further away or walking from shop to shop in the town centre instead of driving between them.

  3. Do it with others – having someone to be active with is a great motivator and can help keep you accountable. Maybe you could go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting at a café to catch up? Or join a group exercise class such as those offered at Good Country Physiotherapy or Naracoorte Health and Fitness Centre. Many of these classes are tailored specifically for those over 65.

  4. Seek advice - If you have pre-existing health issues or want individual support to get you started, speak to your GP or get in touch with the team at Good Country Physiotherapy by calling 8762 1515.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the following links for further information and resources.

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