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Strong On Your Feet

Exercise for Over 50's //


Falls are a common problem for older people and are one of the main causes of hospitalisation in the over 65 years age group.

There are many causes of falls.


Risk factors include:

  • Poor eyesight

  • Poor fitting footwear

  • Environmental hazards

  • Chronic health problems

  • Taking multiple medications

Many people think that falls are a part of getting older, but they are not a normal part of ageing.  Many falls can be prevented and ageing does not have to mean a loss of independence.

Falls Prevention classes are an effective way to reduce your falls risk and help you to live a safe and active lifestyle.

Benefits of Falls Prevention Classes?

  • Strategies to reduce risk factors

  • Increased strength

  • Increased balance

  • Increased safety

  • Increased confidence

  • Strategies to maintain independence

  • Fun


Cost $20 per class

(Claimable with most private health funds)


Weekly classes over 8 weeks

Education Session (different topic each week)

30 - 45 minute Exercise Class

Classes held in Bordertown and Naracoorte during school terms, depending on demand and physiotherapist availability.

How to join in:

Participants need to have a referral form signed by their doctor (available from Good Country Physiotherapy or your local doctor)

Step Up

What is Step Up?

Step up is an over 50’s exercise class, providing individual exercises, aiming to help older adults improve their pain, function and general fitness.

Who would benefit from Step Up?

Anybody who:

  • Needs extra motivation to exercise with consistent exercise schedule

  • Wants exercises tailored to their specific needs

  • Wants a fun and social environment to exercise in

  • Suffers from health conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis or high blood pressure

  • Has difficulty with balance

  • Needs to improve their mobility and independence

  • Is recovering from surgery (e.g. knee/hip replacement, ankle surgery etc)

  • Just needs an extra pair of eyes when exercising

Why is regular exercise important?

  • To maintain your strength

  • To maintain your balance

  • To maintain your endurance

  • To keep your independence

  • To keep your bones healthy and strong (prevent fractures)

  • To keep your mind healthy

  • You need to use it or you will lose it!


Cost $15 per class

(Claimable with most private health funds)


Weekly classes

45 minutes of low intensity exercise

Classes are held weekly in Bordertown and Keith, depending on demand and physiotherapist availability.

Contact your local Good Country Physio clinic to express your interest.

Strong On Your Feet

Step Up
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