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Injury prevention programs – KNEE, Footy First, FIFA 11+

Did you know that a lot of sporting injuries are actually preventable? Poor landing technique, muscle weakness, poor fitness, inadequate warm up and overuse are all modifiable contributing factors to injury.

There are now sport specific injury prevention programs available and easily accessible online. These programs all feature sport related strengthening exercises and agility training which can be implemented into your team’s warmup.

These programs have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of ACL injuries.

The ‘KNEE’ program has been designed for netball players, while the ‘Footy First’ program has been developed specifically for football players, as has the FIFA 11+ for soccer.

If you would like to know more about these programs or would like us to come speak to your sporting club please contact us on 8752 2330 (Bordertown), 8755 1530 (Keith) or 8762 1515 (Naracoorte).


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