August 27, 2018

Have you had an MRI on your knee recently?

Were you told you had osteoarthritis? 😬

Watch this short video to understand more about your scan results - they might just be a normal part of ageing!! 👍😀

Our physiotherapists can help you manage your knee pain. Our GLA:D exercise classes for people with knee and hip osteoarthritis will be starting soon in Naracoorte and Bordertown.

For more information, please call:


July 16, 2018

Many of us experience an episode of pain in our lifetimes. Some of us experience several pains in different body parts, while others have what is known as chronic pain.

April 6, 2018

Very excited to see our superstar Women's Health & Continence Physiotherapist, Naomi Gill's recent research in the national Australian Physiotherapy Association's monthly magazine InMotion this month.

Great to see her important research findings continue to be disseminated around the country.

Well done Naomi!

August 10, 2017

This morning, as part of the Australian Physiotherapy Association's Tradies National Health Month, Good Country Physio hosted a free breakfast and a stretching session for local tradies.

Our physio, Rowee Clark, led the session, with close to 40 participants enjoying the opportunity to learn some basic stretching, in an effort to help curb the high rate of injuries sustained by tradespeople.

Breakfast was generously donated by Blue Lake Millin...