ACL injury: a personal experience

So I have just passed the 3 week mark after my right ACL reconstruction via patella graft. The first two weeks were very challenging! It mainly consisted of dealing with swelling, pain, trouble getting comfortable (especially for sleeping!), hobbling around the house, coping with boredom as well as doing lots of exercises… After two weeks off I returned to work and was surprised with how well my knee has coped being on my feet most of the day. I saw Kieran in the Keith clinic last week at the 2 week mark and he put me through my paces! My new exercises are calf raises, bridge holds on a gym ball, hamstring flicks, crab walking with a band, step ups and starting to ride a stationary bike- if

MRI on knees

Have you had an MRI on your knee recently? Were you told you had osteoarthritis? 😬 Watch this short video to understand more about your scan results - they might just be a normal part of ageing!! 👍😀 Our physiotherapists can help you manage your knee pain. Our GLA:D exercise classes for people with knee and hip osteoarthritis will be starting soon in Naracoorte and Bordertown. For more information, please call: BORDERTOWN 87522330 NARACOORTE 87621515 KEITH 87551530

Tradies get stretching

At 6:30am Thursday 9th August almost 40 Tatiara tradies gathered at Tatiara Truck and Trailer Bordertown for a healthy breakfast, morning stretch and a talk focussed on improving the health of our tradies. The event was organised by Good Country Physiotherapy as part of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s National Tradies Health Month campaign to improve health awareness among tradies across the country. Two further events are planned in Keith on Wednesday 22nd and Naracoorte on the 21st August. Tradies National Health Month aims to raise awareness of health issues prevalent in those who work in trade occupations. Australia’s trade industry continues to have among the highest numbers

ACL Reconstruction- a personal experience

I ruptured my right ACL during the grand final of the Keith winter basketball season at the start of July. There was no impressive collision or awkward landing which caused my injury... I was doing a layup on a fast break with a defender next to me (something I have done hundreds of times!). I felt my knee buckle and I ended up on the ground… I knew straight away what I had done (I did my left ACL in 2015) and I think that was the hardest part- emotionally knowing what was ahead of me and how much I would miss out on (netball finals, etc). I had an MRI the day after which showed acute ACL rupture as well as lateral meniscus tear and I saw Dr Greg Keene (my surgeon at sportsmed) the day after

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